May 2014 Featured Artists at the Tasting Rooms

This month we welcome our very own Ellen Ahern to the Newberg tasting room and Shady Cove resident, Kimberly Martin to the vineyard tasting room.  Below are a couple of short bios from these gals and of course pictures of them with their cameras.  Come out and see their displays while you enjoy a flight, a glass or a bottle of Cliff Creek.  Say cheese!

 Ellen Ahern

Ellen Ahern began taking pictures of her Warmblood horses. After relocating from Anchorage, AK to Talent, OR with her husband, Dan, she opened Destinations End Equestrian Center. She initially enrolled in David Vanderlip’s photography class and has been learning ever since. Please enjoy her nature and wildlife photos at our Newberg Tastng Room during the month of May.

 Kimberly Martin

Hi my name is Kimberly Martin, I have three children and three step children, I also have four granddaughters and in May I will be a grandma to my fourth  grandson, I am married to my best friend and the love of my life.

My husband and I moved to southern Oregon in 2011, and it was a very hard transition for me to leave my family behind in California, but I have survived and will I continue to survive here in Gods country, Oregon is so beautiful,  I look at it as a never ending journey for myself and my husband.

I have been doing photography now for about fifteen years, I always wanted to be the student who walked around campus and took snap shots for the yearbook, I am that person now, but just not a student, I’ve found being a photographer is not only going around and snapping photos just because it would make a pretty picture, I found that these are memories for my family, friends and clients,

I never had the opportunity to go to school of arts to become a photographer, once I put that camera in my hand for the first time, I knew that this is a gift that was given to me, and I am so thankful that I can share what I see through my eyes,  I can share with others.

I have photographed many weddings and engagements, I am also a family portrait photographer, and I enjoy doing senior photos, I just love being a photographer and capturing memories that will be cherished forever, but by far my favorite things to photograph are objects that are history.

I am not a professional photographer,  but one day I would love to go to school and become a professional photographer, but till that time and opportunity arrives,  I will continue to be who I am and that is an accountant assistant, and wife a mother and a grandmother.